Dear Prospective Partner,

You'll notice I used the term "partner" in the opening to this letter, as that's what we aspire to with all of our advertising customers. 

Our group of Delmarva newspapers and community websites is designed to get your marketing message out to not only as many people as we can, but to reach those people with an interest in your business and the products and services they may need.  We realize the importance of readership numbers, but we also know that the correct message, the right offer and how you present it are all key elements in a good marketing campaign. 

Our staff is happy to work with you in preparing a sensible and effective advertising plan, geared to bring you the best return possible for your investment.  It is our job to consult, advise and create a promotional campaign just right for your business and your needs. 

Together, we hope to establish a strong relationship for many years to come.  If you have suggestions along the way, I hope you will share them with us. 

Thanks for your interest in Independent Newspapers!


Ed Dulin 

Ed Dulin